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  • Kidsburg

    September 12th, 2013

    Kidsburg Logo3793 Ironbound Rd.
    Williamsburg, VA 23188

    (757) 259-5360

    Newly renovated 30,000 square-foot lighted playground


    Kidsburg. If you used to take your kids to the old one and are sitting at home with your arms crossed pouting that the old one is gone, get up! And go take your kids to the newly renovated Kidsburg! Kidsburg’s re-opening of their unique new playground just opened the last week of August. There is plush new grass, “that new smell” aroma, and everything is still squeaky clean. Now’s your chance to rush to this place before it gets well loved.

    I have to admit right up front that Eddie did not accompany me on this venture, so I just pray you will give me grace and continue reading. I felt like a butterfly being burst from its cocoon and flying for the first time. And while flying I had to take photos by myself, too. My 7 years of portrait studio experience while in high school had to be resurrected for this review. Eddie “threatened” to return to the playground by himself to take more shots if mine weren’t sufficient…talk about pressure! My 5 year old daughter was my companion on this review. She was more than happy to take up this role. Although the poor girl had to wait many times while I took millions of shots of the same thing. She humored me though by posing in various places on the playground so I could get some “action” shots.

    Whenever they announced a while back that they were tearing down the old Kidsburg I had to fight back tears (well…not really, but I was sad), and thought there was no way to improve upon the creativeness in the way the old one was built. I loved the boat theme of the old one and how the structure overall was so different from your run-of-the-mill playground. So, I walked in with low expectations, but thought it would be a good idea to review it so that people could see the new place. I’m happy to report that upon inspection, I actually like this playground better than the old one! I didn’t think this was possible. I really appreciated how they kept some of the same themes from the old one, but just made it safer, newer, and even more creative. There is still a huge boat, but this time it’s a pirate ship with various ways to enter that make you feel like you’re really climbing into a ship. There were also slides galore across the whole playground. I pretty much lost count on how many there were. Just watch out if it’s a hot day, because my daughter got to the top of more than one slide and couldn’t bring herself to slide down the inferno :) Like the old Kidsburg, there is also a section for the little youngsters. The theme of this section was a sort of old west campsite, complete with a sit in canoe, pretend campfire, and barrels. And a cannon…which I’m not sure relates to that theme, but hey, kids don’t know the difference (or maybe I’m the one who doesn’t get it). Something this new playground has that I have never seen before at a playground is a kid’s zipline. That’s right, a kid’s zipline! I was surprised when my daughter said she wanted to give it a try, but so glad she did so I could get an action shot of her riding it. I could tell this was definitely a hit with the kids there based solely on the line waiting to ride it. Over this past weekend I was telling my friends they have to take their kids over to Kidsburg and now I’m telling you. I know this will become a great Williamsburg staple for anyone with kids. See you there!

    Mindy’s Favorite Thing: Watching my daughter enjoy herself. Specifically, I liked seeing her be brave and go on the zipline. She had a wonderful time and I enjoyed watching her run around and explore everything.

    What Mindy would like to try next time: Taking a breather to sit down under one of those nicely shaded parent benches sprinkled across the perimeter of the playground. Also, I know I’m going to have fun watching my 2 year old go next time.