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  • Pumpkinville

    October 13th, 2013

    Pumpkinville Logo7691 Richmond Rd
    Toano, VA 23188

    (757) 869-9751

    Pumpkinville is a fun, seasonal treasure owned and operated by a small family farm. (Pumpkinville is only open seasonally during Fall/Halloween)

    Writing this post about one week ago would have been close to ridiculous. Why, you ask? Because last week was filled with sunny skies and 90 degree weather. I don’t know about you, but going to a pumpkin patch on a summer sun-filled day in a tshirt and flip flops just doesn’t feel right. So I was really glad that on the day that we went to Pumpkinville to do the review, long pants and a coat were necessary wardrobe requirements.

    Pumpkinville is a humble little pumpkin patch out in Toano with just enough things to keep you busy for about an hour or so. It’s a great place for a field trip, a family outing, or even a little birthday party. They have special packages that include all the activities at the pumpkin patch, as well as a take-home little gourd for each kid. I also heard that school groups as far as Newport News and the surrounding areas travel up this way for a Pumpkinville field trip. Turns out Pumpkinville is the only patch in the Williamsburg area, so if you know someone looking for one, direct them here!

    When we arrived at Pumpkinville, we had a chance to chat with the owner. He gave us some little nuggets of information about the place and told us that Pumpkinville is actually in their 18th year. When they started, he only had one trailer and a tarp. Now they have grown into their current space and have added attractions like a hayride, a corn maze and a little “train” for the kiddos. Besides purchasing a pumpkin or other item, the train is the only thing that has a cost. The other activities are totally free. We let our 5 and almost 3 year old lead the way though the maze, which they loved. This year the stalks weren’t as high as they usually are, so Eddie and I would have gotten through pretty quickly if we led the way. Kind of hard to get tricked in the maze when you can see where the exit is over the stalks :) We also took a little trek out to the pumpkin patch. I warily walked that way since the owner mentioned the crop wasn’t as good this year. I totally expected to see rotted and yucky pumpkins out there, but actually was quite impressed with the large and unique shaped ones in the field. I almost went cross-eyed looking through them all because there were so many to pick from. It made me notice what a difference it makes to pick a pumpkin from an actual patch rather than at a grocery store. Usually at the grocery store I’m sort of “settling” for our yearly pumpkin, but at Pumpkinville I felt like a kid in a pumpkin store!

    Mindy’s Favorite Thing: Definitely getting to shop for our pumpkins. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed getting to pick one out with character, rather than just settling for the “normal” ones at the grocery store.