Eat Play Williamsburg Reviews
  • Williamsburg Farmers Market

    July 11th, 2014

    Williamsburg Farmers Market Logo402 W Duke of Gloucester St
    Williamsburg, VA 23185

    (757) 259-3768

    Farmers Market providing Williamsburg with over 30 vendors offering a variety of local products in Merchants Square


    Fresh Produce in Williamsburg I love farmers markets. The gentle chatter, the fresh smells, and of course, the delicious flavors all combine for a relaxing and refreshing way to start the day. Everyone is bustling around with their huge tote bags, wagons, and other methods of bringing home their local treasures from that week. You see people smelling flowers, tasting samples and just enjoying their Saturday mornings.

    The Williamsburg Farmers’ Market has been around for a little over a decade now (They actually celebrated their 12th year anniversary on the Saturday we visited). Currently their vendor list is close to 60 participants, with about 40 of them hosting tables each week. You’ll find a variety of goodies to choose from, including your staples like flowers, breads, pastries and produce. But then you have other vendors offering unique items such as bison meat, knife sharpening, gourmet popsicles, lamb, sheep’s milk cheese and goat’s milk soap. Our personal favorite table was the Virginia Apprentice Chefs table where they offered a tempting array of baked goods. We couldn’t resist their rustic English muffins and pretzel rolls. Next we picked up some bakery items from another vendor and then proceeded to a vegetable stand to let our two daughters each choose some veggies.

    We ended up bringing home an eggplant, a couple banana peppers, a bunch of carrots, and some blackberries from the berry stand. Taking these fresh items home to cook and eat them throughout the week was a real treat. I made some carrot greens pesto spread with the carrot tops from the market and slathered it on a grilled cheese this afternoon. My three year old and I both agreed it was delicious. I’m sure you will find some inventive ways to use your produce from the market as well. Maybe we will bump into each other the next time I get an itch for some fresh ingredients on a Saturday.


    Mindy’s Favorite Thing: This was definitely the English muffins from the Virginia Apprentice Chefs table. They were not like any english muffins I had tried before. They were taller, more dense, yet still fluffy and of course, tasty. I’m not sure if these are more like authentic English muffins or not, but who cares. They were good.

    What Mindy would like to try next time: I am somewhat obsessed with pies and even to this day ask my mom to make her strawberry rhubarb pie for my birthday instead of cake. So, next time I would like to hit up one of the pie making vendors to see what amazing flavors they can pack into a pie.