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  • Silt

    August 29th, 2014

    Williamsburg farm to table Silt Logo Logo1915 Pocahontas Trail
    Williamsburg, VA 23185

    (757) 645-3760

    Silt is a farm-to-fork eatery that  focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients




    Williamsburg Silt restaurant chicken liversFarm-to-table. It’s become a bit of a buzzword these days. However, we don’t really have a restaurant proclaiming this 100% in Williamsburg…until about three months ago. Silt recently opened its doors in the Village Shops at Kingsmill and is a “Farm to Fork Eatery” focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. They work with farmers and purveyors who use sustainable, organic practices. Even their wine list is organic and actually organized in the menu by the kind of soil that it is grown in. We were told that some people can tell what soil a wine came from just by its smell. If you’re one of those soil smelling aficionados, then you’d probably also enjoy the cocktails at Silt. They actually use a Cocktail recipe book from 1862 which includes over 400 cocktail recipes. The vast majority of which I’m sure you’ve never heard of. The overall feeling of Silt is farm, rustic, chic. The guest tables are made out of repurposed barn wood from North Carolina and the other decorations definitely portray that “rustic” feeling. At the same time though it has a very sophisticated vibe to it. A unique combination for sure.

    Silt Duck dish in VA

    The majority of that sophistication comes from the food though. And that’s where we’ll dive in. Our meal began with two recommendations from our waiter: The Chesapeake Bay Crabcakes appetizer and the Pan Fried Chicken Livers appetizer. The crabcakes were miniature little nuggets of goodness with no filler that I could see (trust me…I inspected it thoroughly!). They were incredibly tasty, seasoned beautifully and served over a delicious bed of creamy rice. The chicken livers were served on a grit cake with a peppadew-tasso ham pan sauce. Couldn’t tell you what peppadew-tasso means, but all I know is that it was incredibly delicious. I regretted not dipping the Billy Bread (Silt gets this from a bakery in Richmond) in the sauce to dab up every last drop. Next on the agenda was the special of the day. Chef Nelson Miller chooses what special of the day he is going to make based on what ingredients are freshly available. Today he created a Duck Sous Vide, which is a duck vacuum packed and then cooked at a low temperature for 4 hours with water constantly swirling around to cook it. Then, it’s pan seared and served with a potato stir fry and topped with a raisin plum sauce. I’m having tasty flashbacks now. I’ve never had a duck so moist. The last entree we tasted was the Sweet Tea Brined Pork Chop (brined for 24 hours in sweet tea) with Byrdmill faux cheese grits, Eastern Shore collards, and pot likker pan sauce (another ridiculously good sauce). And those grits…they were creamy and almost risotto-like, but no cheese was used to make them creamy (that’s where the “faux” comes into play). I think I’m starting to have a crush on grits now. At this point in the dinner, I was half hoping they would not have a dessert menu because my 6 month pregnant belly could not take much more. Though, I was half wanting to see what they had since everything else on the menu had been so inventive and creative. Based on everything else, it’s no surprise that Silt makes all their desserts in-house, including all their unique ice creams. Our waiter listed off about 5 delectable dessert choices. I would have been happy eating any one of them, but we decided upon the plate with home-made “Cracker Jacks”, toffee bar pieces, peanut butter truffles, and cherry brandy ice cream as well as the chocolate lava cake with cayenne ice cream. That combination of the spicy cayenne pepper, ice cold ice cream and gooey chocolate cake was so unique and satisfying that I recommend everyone try it at least once. We scooped ours all up. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Silt and loved the uniqueness of flavors and fresh ingredients used on every dish. We were able to talk with Chef Nelson a few times throughout our meal and found out that one of his “specialties” is sauces and soups. No wonder those sauces were delicious! You’ll also find that Silt’s menu changes a few times a year, according to what fruits, veggies, meat, and fish are in season at that time. It’s obvious Silt is passionate about what they do, has a heart for this community and a strong desire to treat their customers well by offering fresh ingredients and friendly service. Come by to support them and keep those amazing sauces here.

    Mindy’s Favorite Thing: The Pan Fried Chicken Livers appetizer was so good because of the amazing sauce, but I’m going with the Duck Sous Vide because it was the best duck I have ever let melt in my mouth. Actually…that was the only duck dish that melted in my mouth. I also really liked the potato stir fry. It had tomatoes, carrots, peppers, bacon, brussel leaves, and fried egg mixed in with the potatoes. It sounds strange, but it was so tasty!

    What Mindy would like to try next time: Line Caught Market Fish with a bacon Asian mustard broth, Dave and Dee’s oyster mushrooms, summer vegetables, and a broken rice egg. Mushrooms get me every time and I’m intrigued by the “broken rice egg”.



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