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    Lepp FamilyHi there and thank you for visiting! We are Eddie and Mindy Lepp – A husband and wife team, married almost 10 years with two beautiful daughters (Mia – 5 years old, Keira – 3 years old), and one on the way. We live here in charming Williamsburg, VA.

    We are the creators and managers of Our goal in creating this website is to give both locals and visitors of Williamsburg, VA a place to search a complete list of all the places to eat and things to do in our beautiful town. As locals here, we love trying out the numerous restaurants and activities that Williamsburg has to offer. And we are excited with the opportunity to present these places to you.

    We personally do monthly, and sometimes semimonthly, reviews of places to eat and play here in Williamsburg. Neither of us are culinary experts by any stretch of the imagination though. So we ask all experts out there to please be kind :). We’re just the average couple who loves to try out new places in our home town. Both of us give our own unique points of view for each review and offer what we liked best about each place. Our hope is that in offering these reviews, we help provide you with just a little clearer view of what’s awaiting you here in Williamsburg.

    Thanks again for visiting! If you have ANY input or feedback as to how we can improve the website, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you. Happy eating and playing!

    Eddie and Mindy Lepp